How many sessions should I do a week?

Our memberships offer unlimited training. We recommend beginners to start off with 3 - 4 sessions per week and build up to 5/6 over time as the body adjusts. This is a place where we want our members to be all in, we want them to see the best benefits possible.

Can I afford it?

Your health is an investment not an expense, although it will become an expense if you don’t invest in it ... If you are attending classes regularly it works out far cheaper than most other high end studios. Although it is more expensive than the average gym attending regularly will not only get you results it will help you make big changes outside of the gym too. Anyone can afford us ... it’s where it sits in your priorities.

Do I need to be fit to start?

No. Getting you fit is our job. Stop telling yourself you will get started next week because we both know unless you get started now you will be in the same position in 3, 6 and 12 months time. We cater for all levels of fitness and our coaches are great at looking out for beginners.

What if I have never trained before?

Not a problem at all. We know classes can seem daunting ... but everyone starts somewhere. And yes we have many beginners at our gym. Although challenging our classes can be done by anyone, our coaches will be there to help you through anything you struggle with.

What if I have never lifted weights before?

Lifting weights is a must if you want to improve your strength, which is an important part of any training program. Just because you have never done it before doesn’t mean you can’t start now. During each class our coaches are always on hand and will guide you every step of the way. Weight training has many benefits you cannot ignore including fat loss, improved posture, balance, increased bone density and reduces the chance of developing Osteoporosis predominantly among women ... so start lifting. 

What if I can’t find the time to get to the gym regularly?

This is one of the most common questions we hear and one of the top reasons we get for not making a commitment. In all honesty if you can’t commit 3-5 of the 168 hours you have in a week to doing something which is going to help you live a happier and healthier life then it needs to become a priority or it will never happen. At first it may seem impossible to fit something else into your busy schedule but I promise if you have a good hard look at where you are currently investing your time and cut out some things which are not aiding your health and fitness I’m sure 3-5 hours will soon free up! 

Will I bulk up?

This is our most common question from the girls. In short the answer is no. Due to the high level of aerobic activity in training the body is torn between providing energy to grow muscle or provide energy to muscles for aerobic endurance. Usual complaints from our girls are that their clothes are too big and keep falling off and they need to go shopping again. People who get big have super specific training and diet programs dedicating to gaining mass. Even with that it can take them years to get to the size they are. So by training 3-5 times per week and eating for health, you will not get too big.

Can I train with an injury?

Our classes can be scaled in many ways to make sure you work around an injury. We can also help with exercises that will assist in recovery. We believe in staying active when injured. Many injuries are caused by in balances, we can help cure these and prevent further injuries.