Programming 08.26

Our programming will follow cycles, covering all areas of the body and all energy systems each week.

The programming will see our main training days Monday - Friday. Saturday will be our version of game day - a big team workout where everyone goes hard. Sunday will be similar to Functional bodybuilding, no conventional workout. 

We have just finished an 8 week cycle testing and improving some big lifts. The current cycle will be moving away from maximal strength and towards higher volume, time under tension and making sure we move as well as possible.

Generally, day by day it will look like this…

Monday - lower body - squats + short workout

Tuesday - upper body DB work

Wednesday - IWT

Thursday - deadlifts + partner workout

Friday - upper body - push / pull 

Saturday - big team workouts

Sunday - functional bodybuilding

Monday 08.26


Every 2.5 mins x 9

7-5-5 back squats

5-5-5 back squats

10-10-10 back rack reverse lunges

*back squats - hold the 5 sets of 5 at the same weight you did 4 sets of 5 last week

**hold lunges consistent, add weight from last week.




DB thrusters

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

15 min cap

Tuesday 08.27


18 mins AMRAP for quality 

8 BB pendlay row (2 second hold at the top)

10 seasaw DB press

12 DB bench (no tempo)

14 rower pikes

1 min rest


3 rounds:

30 KB swings 

30 DB push press

20/15 cals

30 sit ups

RX: 50/35lbs, 32/24kg

L2: 35/25lbs, 24/16kg

L1: 25/15lbs, 16/12kg

Wednesday 08.28


Changing the movements up - DB snatch, low reps - go heavier than you normally would. Should be hard.

KB front squats slightly lighter than barbell ones, but still feel hard.

Aim to use the same machines as previous weeks and improve scores.

3 rounds

12/14 heavy DB snatch (heavier than you’d normally use in a workout)

90 seconds bike/ski/row @ 85-95%

Rest ~2 mins

Rest 5 mins

3 rounds 

8-10 double KB front squats

90 second bike/ski/row @ 85-95%

Rest ~2 mins

Rest 5 mins

Partner A: Part A 0, 4, 8. Part B 15, 19, 23.

Partner B: Part A 1, 5, 9. Part B 16, 20, 24.

Partner C: Part A 2, 6, 10. Part B 17, 21, 25.

32 mins start 

9 min AMRAP

2 TGU e/s

30 hollow rocks

*every 3 mins, 20-30 second chin over the bar hold

*3rd week of TGU, move up in weight if you’re comfortable

Thursday 08.29


20-10-10-10 deadlift

*unbroken set of 20. 10s split into 5 touch and go + 5 dead stop with reset

**All at same weight, add 5-10lbs from last week (last week should have been around 50%)

***when weight gets too heavy for 20, 1 max effort set as close to 20 as possible


In pairs

5 rounds 

400m run

40 burpees

ME cals in remaining time

25 min time cap

Friday 08.30


Every 2.5 mins x 6

4 push press

5-8 ring dips 31x3


E2MOM x 9 (18 mins total)

25/20 cal bike

1 round of DT

200m run

RX: 135/95lbs

L2: 95/65lbs, 21/17 cals

L1: DB DT, 16/12 cals

Try to choose a scale that is doable but still difficult. Reps or weight can be changed. 

Should be working for no more than 90 seconds every 2 minute window.

Saturday 08.31

Teams of 4
Cals ski
Cals bike
*200m run after every round

Sunday 09.01

A1) Banded Jumping BB/Squats

X4 10-12 reps add weight from last week

A2) Paloff Press 

X4 15/side (add small plate if needed)

A3) S/A Upright Row 

X4 8-10/side 

B1) Plyo Push Up

X3 10 add a plate 

B2) Front Rack DL

X3 6-8/side up the weight from last week 


ME L Sit Holds 

:45 Dead Bug