Programming 07.08

Our programming will follow cycles, covering all areas of the body and all energy systems each week.

The programming will see our main training days Monday - Friday. Saturday will be our version of game day - a big team workout where everyone goes hard. Sunday will be similar to Functional bodybuilding, no conventional workout. 

We have just finished an 8 week cycle testing and improving some big lifts. The current cycle will be moving away from maximal strength and towards higher volume, time under tension and making sure we move as well as possible.

Generally, day by day it will look like this…

Monday - lower body - squats + short workout

Tuesday - upper body - bench + accessory 

Wednesday - one long workout

Thursday - lower body - RDLs + split squats + interval workout

Friday - upper body - push / pull 

Saturday - big team workouts

Sunday - functional bodybuilding

Monday 07.08


Every 2.5 mins x 9

5-5-5 front squats

5-5-5 front squats

10-10-10 FR lunges

*try to hold sets of 5 at the same weight as last week, more sets. Lunges same as previous weeks, add weight.

**allow time to warm up to working weight. 


‘Death race’ (comptrain benchmark)

5 rounds

15/12 cals

10 burpees

10 mins cap - aiming to go fast - pick cals that can be sprinted.

L2: 12/9 cals

L1: 9/6 cals

Tuesday 07.09


18 mins AMRAP for quality 

2 bench press 32x1

3 chin ups w/ 10 second hold at the top

12 v-ups

1 min rest


800m run

70 lateral hops

60 jumping lunges

50 burpees

40/30 cals

30 swings

20 SA KB snatch (10e/s)

10 SA KB thrusters (5e/s)

20 min cap

RX: 24/16kg

L2: 16/12kg

L1: 12/8kg

Wednesday 07.10

12 mins on/4 mins off x 3

400/350m row

200m farmers carry

RX: 32/24kg

L2: 24/16kg

L1: 16/12kg

400m run

ME wall balls

*back to the run every time you drop or pause on the wall balls

RX: 20/14lbs

L2: 14/10lbs

L1: 10/6lbs

400/350m ski

30 air squats

10 strict pull ups 

L2: 5 pull ups per round

L1: ring rows

Thursday 07.11


18 mins

5 RDL 32x1

10 Bulgarian split squat e/s 31x1

Rest 1

*less reps of rdl - more weight

**same reps of split squat, last week was tough? Try and increase weight slightly or move better with same weight. 


4 mins on / 2 mins off x 3


Db snatch


ME bike

ME ski

ME row

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

Friday 07.12


Every 2.5 mins x 6

3 strict press

2 weighted strict pull ups

*less reps of both, add weight


80/60 cals buy in

10 rounds

3 thrusters 

6 push ups

9 sit ups

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

Saturday 07.13

GJ team triathlon


Teams of 3

3k ski

300 cal bike

3k row

*keep 25lbs plate off the floor at all times - 400m team run penalty if dropped.

**team of 4 - 5 d-ball over the shoulder after every effort.

Sunday 07.14

A1)Dual KB Front Rack Squats 

X4 12 reps (heavy weight) rest :45 

A2)KB S/A front rack farmers carry

X4 50m/side (build from last week)

B1)S/A OH step up 

X3 8/side (build)

B2)Dual KB Row 

X3 10 reps x21X3

1min :30 X body V-ups 

2min :30 sit ups