Programming 05.27

Our programming will follow cycles, covering all areas of the body and all energy systems each week.

The programming will see our main training days Monday - Friday. Saturday will be our version of game day - a big team workout where everyone goes hard. Sunday will be similar to Functional bodybuilding, no conventional workout. Lot’s of unilateral strength work to iron out any in balances and help bulletproof your body. This is great for beginners looking to gain strength and stability for the main classes.

Generally, day by day it will look like this…

Monday - deadlifts + OH pressing + short workout

Tuesday - one long workout

Wednesday - body armour + interval workout

Thursday - squats + medium workout

Friday - bench + other upper body + medium workout

Saturday - big team workouts

Sunday - functional bodybuilding

Monday 05.27

Memorial day hero work


Scaling options for full workout and movements available.

Don’t be scared by the workout, we can make it work for everyone!

Friends and family welcome - let us know in advance

Tuesday 05.28


Every 2 mins x 5

8-6-4-2-2 Deadlift

10 heavy push press - heavier than what you normally use

Straight into

Every 90 seconds x 6

2 dead stop deadlift

*First part should be used to build to a heavy weight

**Second part should be 6 lifts at the same weight, heavy, slightly lighter than last week - but aim to be close. Consistent heavy lifts.


40/30 cals

50 KB lateral hops

30 burpees

30 KB swings

30 burpees

50 KB lateral hops

400m run

14 min time cap

RX: 32/24kg

L2: 24/16kg

L1: 16/12kg

Wednesday 05.29


Every 3 mins x 5

4 OH squats

6 strict ttb

30 second hollow hold

*if OH squats are hard, front squats - do try OH though, idea of them is building stability through body, should be a light weight for legs. Leg work is far heavier on Thursday.


3 x 5 minute windows



DB Push press



KB deadlift



DB snatch

RX: 50/35lbs, 32/24kg

L2: 35/25lbs, 24/16kg

L1: 25/15lbs, 16/12kg

Hard to finish 15-12-9.
Unless RX probably best to scale to 12-9-6.

Do not work past 4 minutes.

Thursday 05.30


Every 2 mins x 3
3 back squats 32x1

Every 2 mins x 3
3 back squats

1 set of 10 back squats

Tempo squats should be lighter and focus on position. Stick to tempo.

Set of 10 should be moving up from the sets of 20 we did.


4 rounds

21/18 cals

15 db front squats

9 devils press

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

18 min time cap

Friday 05.31


Every 90 seconds x 6

2 bench press

Straight into

3 rounds

5 c2b pull up

10 weighted push ups

15 bench dips


18 min EMOM

7 barbell hang power clean + jerk

14 plate jumps

14/12 cal ski

RX: 135/95, 7/6 45lbs plates

L2: 95/65, 5/4 45lbs plates

L1: 30/20lbs DBs, 3/2 45lbs plates

Saturday 06.01

Teams of 3



Wall Ball

Devils press (cash out)

RX: 20/14lbs, 35/25lbs

L2: 14/10lbs, 30/20lbs

L1: 10/6lbs, 25/15lbs

Sunday 06.02

A1) Belt Squats

X5 10reps x21X1

A2) Crossbody KB FC

X5 50m R/L

B) EMOM 10

1min BB/jumping back squats (increase from last week)

2min 6-8 Mixed grip pull ups (find more consistency in rep)

C) 2-3rds of

10/side push pull plank holds

12 pike rowers