Programming 04.22

Our programming will follow cycles, covering all areas of the body and all energy systems each week.

The programming will see our main training days Monday - Friday. Saturday will be our version of game day - a big team workout where everyone goes hard. Sunday will be similar to Functional bodybuilding, no conventional workout. Lot’s of unilateral strength work to iron out any in balances and help bulletproof your body. This is great for beginners looking to gain strength and stability for the main classes.

Generally, day by day it will look like this…

Monday - deadlifts + OH pressing + short workout

Tuesday - one long workout

Wednesday - body armour + interval workout

Thursday - squats + medium workout

Friday - bench + other upper body + medium workout

Saturday - big team workouts

Sunday - functional bodybuilding

Monday 04.22


Every 3 mins x 6
5 dead stop deadlifts
5 db strict press + 5 db push press

*good set up on every lift


3 rounds

20 KB swings
10/8 cals

20 ball slams

10/8 cals

15 min time cap

RX: 32/24kg, 35/25lbs

L2: 24/16kg, 25/15lbs

L1: 16/12kg, 25/15lbs

Tuesday 04.23


1 round:

1 mile run

50 db snatch

40 jumping lunges e/s

30/25 cals

20 push ups

10 devils press

Rest 3 mins

2 rounds:

800m run

25 db snatch

20 jumping lunges e/s

15/12 cals

10 push ups

5 devils press

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

Wednesday 04.24


16 mins AMRAP for quality

16 SA OH DB lunge (8e/s - heavier than normal)

10 weighted push ups

50m farmers carry


5 rounds

Burpee box jumps

DB push press

RX: 50/35lbs, 7/6 45lbs plates

L2: 35/25lbs, 5/4 45lbs plates

L1: 25/15lbs, 3/2 45lbs plates

Thursday 04.25


Every 2.5 mins x 6
5 back squats

1 set of 20 back squats


200m run
12 DB deadlift
1 man maker (no rows)

*man maker increases by 1 each round

RX: 50/35lbs, 35/25lbs

L2: 35/25lbs, 25/15lbs

L1: 25/15lbs, 25/15lbs

Friday 04.26


Every 3 mins x 5
5 bench press

10 hammer curls

15 row pikes



10 hang squat cleans

12 DB plate step overs

14/12 cal row

RX: 115/85lbs, 35/25lbs, 6/5 45lbs plates

L2: 85/55lbs, 25/15lbs, 5/4 45lbs plates

L1: DB cleans, 15/10lbs, 4/3 45lbs plates

Saturday 04.27

Team of 3:

2 rounds

100 cal bike

100 KB swings

100 cal ski

100 KB goblet squats

*10 team burpees every 5 mins

RX: 32/24kg

L2: 24/16kg

L1: 16/12kg

Sunday 04.28

A1) S/A DB Bench Press

X4 6/each side x31X1 rest :45-1min build from last week

A2) BB Goodmornings

X4 8 reps build in weight from last week x21X1 rest as needed

B1) Banded DeadLifts

X3 6-8 reps clean grip x30X1 strict tempo

B2) Crossbody KB F.C,

X3 50mR/50mL HEAVY

C) 2 sets of rest 1 min/bt sets

6 knee raises right into

6 knees to elbow right into

6 T2B