Programming 03.25

Our programming will follow cycles, covering all areas of the body and all energy systems each week.

The programming will see our main training days Monday - Friday. Saturday will be our version of game day - a big team workout where everyone goes hard. Sunday will be similar to Functional bodybuilding, no conventional workout. Lot’s of unilateral strength work to iron out any in balances and help bulletproof your body. This is great for beginners looking to gain strength and stability for the main classes.

Generally, day by day it will look like this…

Monday - back squats + c2b pull ups + workout

Tuesday - one long workout

Wednesday - strength endurance deadlift + machine sprint + sprint workout

Thursday - gymnastic upper body / core strength + interval workout

Friday - cleans + tempo front squats + workout

Saturday - big team workouts

Sunday - functional bodybuilding

Monday 03.25


Every 3 mins x 6

5 back squat

5 strict c2b pull ups

(building to a 1rm back squat and ME c2bs in a few weeks)


150 Slam balls

*EMOM death by cals on a machine

(1 cal on minute 1, 2 on minute 2 etc.)

RX: 35/25lbs

L2/L1: 25/15lbs

Tuesday 03.26


50 cal bike/ski/row buy in

12 days of Xmas style

10 devils press

9 thrusters

8 push press

7 push ups

6 sit ups

5 front squats

4 front rack lunges

3 DB snatch

200m run

1 man maker (no rows)

50 cal bike/ski/row cash out

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

Wednesday 03.27


15 mins to complete

5x5 deadlift (can be touch and go)

30 second hollow rocks in rest (make sure they are done correctly, learn good form on the movement)

*aim to be close to what you built to on the 5 dead stop deadlifts a few weeks ago, try to do 5 heavy sets similar weight across.

Straight into:

10 minute window

15 heavy KB swings

100m row sprint

*aiming to build sprint power on machines - record fastest time

**deadlift should be slightly heavier than last week


9 min time cap

15/10 cal bike/ski/row buy in

5 rounds:

10 double KB deadlift

10 burpees

15/10 cal bike/ski/row cash out

RX: 32/24kg

L2: 24/16kg

L1: 16/12kg

Thursday 03.28


Every 4 mins x 4

4 BB strict press (should be heavy, last 2 reps should be tough)

8 feet elevated ring rows 31x2

20 windscreen wipers holding plate


15 min AMRAP

YGIG (run together, split rest up however you like)

400m run

40 push ups

40 DB power cleans

40 sit ups

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

Friday 03.29


Every 3 mins x 6

2 cleans

2 front squats 32x1

*good technique in cleans, good positions in squats


0-7 mins

Row 1k, ski 1k or bike 60/50 cals

*if you did one last week, choose a different one.

7-17 mins

12 DB lunges

12 BB push press

RX: 50/35lbs, 115/85lbs

L2: 35/25lbs, 85/55lbs

L1: 25/15lbs, DBs for both

Saturday 03.30

Teams of 3:

30 rounds

10/8 cal ski

8 DB snatch

6 burpees

*500 cal bike in rest

RX: 50/35lbs

L2: 35/25lbs

L1: 25/15lbs

Sunday 03.31

A1) Close Grip Bench Press

X4 4-6 reps x22X1 rest 1-1:30 min (heavy)

A2)Landmine Neutral Row

X4 8-10/each side

B1)Crossbody KB/DB Split Squat

X3 8/side rest 1min

B2) Banded KBS

X3 12-14 reps rest as needed

C1) Pike Rowers

X3 14 reps

C2)Elbow to Tall Plank

X3 :30-:35