our founders


Ahnna McDevitt

Born and raised in London, Ahnna grew up playing field hockey and netball with a special appreciation for teamwork and competitive sports. In University, she joined a gym and started working out on her own to keep fit, but slowly found herself feeling bored and demotivated. Ahnna experimented with yoga and running for a few years until she found CrossFit, amplifying her knowledge of training and leading to her Level 3 Personal Training Certification, Level 1 CrossFit Certification, and attending the likes of the Gym Jones Fundamentals seminar. Ahnna's passion for health and fitness motivates her to continuously learn and grow as a fitness professional, with a current focus on becoming a qualified Nutrition Coach. Through her years of tweaking her own nutrition and eating right for herself, she has so much advice for others who want to improve their nutrition and lifestyle as well. Ahnna's favorite place to be is at the gym, surrounded by the best of friends she has made there. It is her dream come true to jointly create a space with Alex that they can call theirs. She is excited to watch members' progress and success achieving their goals and more.


Alex Hope

Alex was raised in Northern England, the home of (real) football. Growing up constantly playing and watching football led Alex to love all kinds of sport, both playing and watching. Having produced events at the University in Manchester, Alex founded a 5-a-side football business shortly after, which he expanded across the U.K. Upon spending more and more time with Ahnna's family in Los Angeles, Alex also developed a love for the gym -- specifically group functional training. He loves the way it leads to strong friendships and the way those friendships always push you to better yourself inside and outside of the gym. Having visited gyms all over the world, Alex wants to create the best possible space to work out. He has qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 coach and started his journey to a Gym Jones qualification. He now plans to combine this with his 10 years of experience running his own service businesses to create an industry-leading fitness brand, which helps people live a healthy lifestyle.

our coaches


Ashley Shine

Ashley Shine was born and raised in San Francisco. She grew up playing basket ball, volleyball, and competed nationally in martial arts. Her biggest passion is helping people become the best versions of themselves and to have the confidence in tackling and achieving whatever goals they have set out for themselves


Chris Benck

Chris has been a sports and fitness enthusiast since he was a kid, playing anything and everything growing up. He continues to play traditional sports, but after finding functional fitness 5 years ago he has dived head first into that for himself as well as becoming a coach and personal trainer to share his passion. High energy and a positive mindset go hand in hand with Chris and you can look forward to both of those things anytime you’re around him

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Jake theis

Jake is a Southern California native from a small town called Yucaipa about 90 miles east of LA. He started his fitness journey in 2013, when he graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. He went on to get a Master’s degree in Education, and now teaches P.E. to middle school kids in Culver City. His passion for health and well being extended beyond the school and into the public, where he has served as a group fitness trainer since 2015. 
He is a caring coach that wants to make sure you have a challenging and positive experience in becoming who you want to be. He might dance in your class, he might high five a million times. He will always make sure you are sweating.



While Lea has always had a fervor for sports, her passion for health, fitness, and sports performance began to flourish during her high school and college years as she began pursuing strength training. Although basketball is her primary competitive sport, she will participate in (or watch) just about any athletic endeavor.  Lea has a degree in exercise science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and also coaches basketball for the Santa Monica College women’s team. Her team mindset and growth mentality fuel her coaching approach as she finds fulfillment in helping people progress and evolve both physically and mentally.

movement specialist


Ashley Grossmann

Ashley is a London-based movement coach and trainer. He specialises in biomechanics and correcting movement patterns and has a great deal of experience working with CrossFit athletes through to office workers. He works with people looking to improve their movement, be it mobility, imbalances or recovering from an injury, he’ll design some personalised exercises to get your body working more efficiently and pain-free