our mission


Building a community of strong minded people through health and fitness


Our philosophy


Our philosophy is no shortcuts, we believe commitment and consistency are the keys to achieving in everything you do. What we are building goes way beyond what it done within the walls of this gym. The space and workout we’ve created is first class but what you will achieve in the gym makes you physically and mentally stronger for life. Mindset, training and lifestyle go hand in hand and we want to help you with all three of these



our services

Amp Association is a functional training environment and our our class based workouts are for people who want to take their training to the next level. Our aim is to build strong minds and strong bodies for those ready to take on anything inside and outside of the gym


our club badge


Sports teams all over the world play under a club badge, it’s worn with pride, it makes family out of strangers, unifies them and allows them to achieve way more together than they could individually

This is our club badge, working under it with us will allow you to achieve in the same way. Our doors are open to anyone willing to work hard. Do not confuse us with just another place to sweat, this team is here to develop you mentally and physically, to allow you exceed any goal you set yourself

our story


Ahnna and Alex are Brits in LA ready to bring their knowledge of running businesses and expertise from experiences at gyms all over the world to positively effect the lives of people in Santa Monica

Ahnna and Alex have seen how much regular, well planned exercise along with attention to lifestyle can truly change a persons quality of life. Together they have combined their knowledge and are bringing an incredible new training concept to the people of Santa Monica in the form of Amp Association